RadPiper Galleries

These photos span the development of RadPiper, encompassing months of work and energy put in by teams from CMU, the DOE, and several other teams from other companies involved in the decommissioning of the Portsmouth facility. It cannot be stated enough that any success of this program is due to the individual efforts of all involved who are featured in many of the photos in the following galleries.

RadPiper Photos

Photos of radpiper and the team as well as cool images of pipe interiors and models

RadPiper Acceptance Review

Photos of the CMU and POrts teams interacting at CMU during the 2018 acceptance reivew of radpiper

The Making of Radpiper

Photos of the mechanical development of Radpiper and the poeple doing it

Radpiper Cold Prep Week

Photos of the cmu team at portsmouth performing testing on radpiper

2018 Hot Testing

These photos show the hot testing of the radpiper robot at the portsmouth facility

Calibration Pipe Fabrication

The Making of Pipe City

to test a pipe crawling robot you must have pipes, these photos show the story of the making of what we call “Pipe City”, a testing ground for the RadPiper robot.