About Us

Three decades ago veterans of this team and a technical community at Carnegie Mellon University developed robots that cleaned up the damaged basement at the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. We just innovated first-of-kind robotic measurement of holdup deposits in uranium enrichment piping. The system evolved from idea to iron in a year. 

We operate within Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute that is ranked #1 of it's type in the world. We have everything that matters to this type of development under one roof: mechatronics, software, shops, and test facilities. We are a culture that honors both basic research and bulletproof system building.

People matter above all else. We are a mix of deepest nuclear robotics domain experience, and highest technical virtuosity.




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About the DOE

RadPiper is an automated solution designed out of a partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE). While development for more facilities and pipe sizes continues, RadPiper is currently deployed at the Portsmouth facility. Besides the video below, more interesting information on the Portsmouth facility can be found on the Ports Virtual Museum.